About Us

About Us

Intel Technologies is a well-known manufacturer of the testing instrument. We are providing our service globally. Firstly, we are working in a highly motivated team environment. We had great experience in this field.
Intel Technologies offering various range of Lab Testing Instruments such as Box Compression Tester, Bursting Strength Tester, Coefficient of Friction Tester, Colour Matching Cabinet – CMC – Asia Dart Impact Tester, Digital Moisture Meter, Salt Spray Chambers, Muffle Furnace and many more have a strong presence in the International market as well. Throughout our experience customer satisfaction, our product quality, is being the key of our success.
Intel Technologies is a well-known name in the field of Testing instruments. Latest technologies, software’s and systems are engaged by the company to provide parallel quality and reliable testing machines. Since its inception, it has been successfully providing high quality, yet cost effective testing machines & instruments. Upgrading our instruments as per the latest technological advancements has been the priority in our manufacturing philosophy.

Presently we are serving the following testing instruments:-

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