Box CompressionTester

Box Compression Tester

Product Description

The Intel Technologies Box Compression Tester Computerized is a compact Instrument with user-friendly controls. Cardboard boxes ought to possess sufficient compression strength so that they do not get deformed or crushed once stacked one higher than opposite either throughout transit or in storage. The compression strength is decided by inserting the box on a flat platform and pressing it down from the top with the assistance of another flat plate by a motorized arrangement.

Intel Box Compression computerized are often used for Duplex and corrugated cartons.The unit comes whole with over travel safety, TARE and Peak Hold facility. A minimal cost compact tester for the paper and packaging industry.

The instrumentation is extremely rugged sizeable heavy angle iron base for solid overall performance at load. The sensitive load detector is strategically centrally placed to enable perfect corner to corner load results.