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Colour Matching Cabinet – CMC – Asia

Product Description

Colour Matching Cabinet, used for color matching or evaluation of all industries and applications where there is a requirement to hold color consistency and quality.  We’re professional Colour Matching Cabinet manufacturers with affordable Color Matching Light Box value.  Color Matching is a simulation instrument, which is specifically used in quality control. It is very important to use standard light source to check the color difference in night shift.

Intel Technologies Colour Matching Cabinet is used mainly in manufacturing units and laboratories where it’s far critical to hold quality and colour consistency of a product. This testing instrument provides identical surroundings for visual evaluation and analysis of colour under controlled lightening conditions.

Colour appearance totally different under specific lightening conditions. When one makes use of a colour matching cabinet, it fascinates in making the clear difference among the test specimen and master sample. Intel’s colour matching cabinet is prepared with brilliant enclosure for visual inspection of colours of fabrics, textiles, garment, leathers and so on. The colour testing instrument has accurately matched a sample material under various standard and required light sources by diminishing the interference of external lights. This testing instrument is highly recommended for the plant, yarn, garment manufacturer, fabric dyeing manufacturers, and exporters.

This laboratory testing instrument is used particularly for observing Colour consistency in paint and plating, textile and yarn industries to judge their products and plating, textile and yarn and various other coloured products to judge their colour consistency. The checking out device guarantees accurate, closer and faster colour matching. It’s far hence used universally for many years.

  • Provides accurate, nearer and quicker results.
  • Easy to operate and may be set up in a short span of time.
  • The machine is equipped with an individual switch for each light.
  • Standardized and controlled lighting conditions.
  • Wide Viewing Place
  • High-Quality Light sources are used.


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