Drop Tester

Product Description

  • The Intel Drop Tester is beneficial equipment for ascertaining the transport worthiness of corrugated & solid fiber packing containers and delivery boxes. It has provision with angular drop association to assist correctly confirm the transport worthiness of the package from all angles.

The drop test equipment can safely do drop tests on an extensive range of products ranging from mobile equipment and parts to packaged goods.

Our Drop Testers are used for the reason of dropping test (certainly falling test) while retaining the mindset of the specimen and investigating its impact. Similarly, it could be used no longer for electric and electronics however additionally also for drop tests in diverse fields such as scientific, food and pharmaceutical. The testing equipment can be custom designed and made to be available in one-of-a-kind specifications as per the demand of the consumer.

  • A unique and dependable machine.
  • Sturdy in production.
  • Precisely machined to International Standards.
  • Gear up with angular Drop arrangement- for checking transport-worthiness from all angles.