Laboratory Hot Air Oven

Product Description

The Intel Technologies Laboratory Hot Air Oven can be used to determine the effect of extended temperature on various types of materials along with paper, textiles, yarn, rubber, plastic, metal and much more. It is broadly used for testing heat deformation and heat resistance in the rubber and paper industry, textile & yarn industry and in the various other fields. Laboratory Hot Air Oven is a unique cabinet specially designed to detect the changes within the physical characteristics of the material and to the particular working life at improved temperature.

The Intel’s Hot Air Oven is a reliable and time-tested instrument. The outdoors has been given an autumn gray and blue aggregate finish and the chrome/zinc plating ensures resistance to corrosion and also comes with air circulating fan for keeping heating efficiency.

The Intel Technologies Laboratory Hot Air Oven comprises of a double-walled chamber, wherein the internal wall is created using heavy stainless steel and the outside wall is manufactured from duly powder coated mild steel.  Independent mineral glass wool is incorporated within the walls to ensure that the chamber is well insulated.  A unique T/P action ensures that the temperature does not overshoot the selected level.