Scuff Resistance Tester

Product Description

The time period scuffing is the rubbing of two substances in opposition to every different. Scuff/Rub Resistance Tester is employed to evaluate the rub resistance i.e. the damage which has taken place through rubbing of labels and preferred published/ printed matter.

Intel Technologies Scuff Resistance Tester rubs revealed surfaces (printed surfaces) in opposite to each other(face-to-face) within an equal plane, at the identical speed below a consistent rubbing pressure. The scuff tester is utilized in Paper & Packaging industries to evaluate color transfer from written or coated surfaces throughout rubbing. It’s far designed and made in keeping with ASTM standard and measures the quantity of double strokes needed to cause Fuzz (distortion of appearance) and Peel (real rupture of the surface).

With the assistance of Intel Technologies Scuff Resistance Tester, the manufacturers can without difficulty make certain the easily ensure the very best quality of printed products to their customers.

  • Specimen Length: 48mm & 120mm
  • Weight on Sample: 1psi + 1psi separate weights provided
  • Controls:Digital Preset Cycle counter.
  • Number of Cycles:0 – 9999.
  • Counter four-digit Digital Preset type
  • Display: Digital (LCD)
  • Least Count of Counter: 1
  • Lower Motor capacity ¼ HP
  • Rotational Speed 60 rpm
  • Safety Lock: Yes (with upper clamp)
  • Paint: Powder covered & Chrome finished
  • Input Power:220 Volts, 50Hz, single-phase supply.
  • Also provided sample templates for preparation


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