Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile Testing Machine Digital

Product Description

The Intel Technologies Computerized Tensile testing machine is widely used for comparing the tensile strength of the plastic product, pet bottles, and varied different product. It is a floor-standing version of C.R.E. kind fabricated using heavy-duty Mild metallic.

The instrumentation provides an accurate crosshead speed between 50mm and 500mm / min. and is steam-powered by a Servo Motor, which may be run at variable speed. A graphic user interface PC has been integrated to produce correct speed control.

The Intel Technologies Computerized Tensile testing machine comes entire with a calibration certificate traceable to NABL approved labs. Computerized Load Sensor Sensing is performed by the machine via advanced electronics.
The equipment has been fitted with an Over Load / Travel Safety device which has an Auto stop facility controlled through special software In-built Advanced Microcontroller systems have also been incorporated to ensure accuracy and reliability of results.

The instrument also has a tensile card – 1927 or 945a, 16 bit ADC & DAC. Its mile mandatory for the user to install a computer/ laptop and printer (Pentium or Higher version isn’t part of the offer).

The windows-based tensile software program has been in particular designed to carry out and keep simple Tensile & compression test readings.

  •  Travel: C.R.E. Type.
  • Load Sensor is Universal ‘S’ Type / Pancake-Type.
  • Load Sensor Accuracy: ± 2% at Full Load (with master load).
  • Grip to Grip Separation: 25mm – 700mm
  • Cross Head Speed 50mm – 500mm / minute
  • Accurate Speed Control via Graphic user interfaces (Optional)
  • Cross Head Travel duration: 800mm without Grips.
  • Display: Graphical with test data output through Inbuilt Software
  • Tensile card – 1927 or 945a, 16 bit ADC & DAC
  • Travel Safety/Over Load facility, Auto stop through software
  • Motor: 1-5 HP, RPM – 1440, with 3 phase AC drive.


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