Rubber and plastic materials square measure found in mere regarding each trade, from defense and region to vehicles, machinery, physical science, and construction. The rubber and plastic industries have long  an important role with in the industrial provide chain. However, with growing world environmental consciousness and therefore the rise of the inexperienced economy, new materials square measure being introduced and therefore the process technology is showing in industrial end-use applications. These problems square measure fast the event and transformation of the rubber and industry.

With years of skilled expertise in power physical science and industrial automation management, Intel Technologies provides a full vary of industry-leading merchandise to the rubber and industry, as well as servo motor drives, PLCs, HMIs, temperature controllers, pressure sensors, industrial power provides and lots of additional. Intel Technologies has conjointly introduced a cheap integrated resolution, the Hybrid Energy Saving System HES Series, to manage hydraulic systems. exploitation precise pressure and flow management, it eliminates energy losses in aggressive strangling and provides energy savings of up to hour. we offer the rubber and industry with energy savings, precise, high speed Associate in Nursing an innovative injection molding machine.

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